Thursday, August 30, 2007

This be my first POST!

Well....considering I've never had my own blog before I'm quite excited about it. After attending my first class in GIS-111 I left feeling quite enthusiastic. I've always been very interested in maps throughout my life and this class seems perfect for me. Growing up and still now I like to hike around in the neighboring mountains that surround us, so I definitely see how this could add to my fun outside of class. On the other hand it's becoming increasingly obvious to me that so many things are connected throughout our daily lives that involve GIS. From the mail I receive to the things I like to buy, they all seem to be intertwined with this new technology. My parents own a GPS system for their truck which they use religiously while traveling and I myself am always using Google maps and Google earth as tools to get around. Finally from the computer standpoint I'm always down to learn new software. While I have had some CAD experience this is something that I'm not very familiar with so I'm quite eager to get started.

Adios for now and see you in class!

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