Thursday, October 4, 2007


In class on September the 21th, I created some underground waterlines that connected several local fire hydrants off of a aerial photograph of a city. We also created some new parcels of land off that same image. I've taken a CAD class before and I expected that drawing new areas of land on a photograph would be a lot harder than it actually was. Remarkably it was as easy as cut and pasting a normal file on my hard drive. I'm starting to think that this may be a little easier than I thought :)

Also, in Chapter 16 we added attributes to some data we already modified by fixing a sidewalk that did not correctly line up in another aerial picture.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tests and such

Moving right along in GIS class. Last week we had a test and I have to say I was a bit nervous. There's so much information about this stuff that its hard to keep up sometimes. At least I can keep track of which data is raster and which is vector. Overall I think the test went pretty well. Afterwards, Mr. Kennedy handed out two packets for us to complete. I'm close to completing both and will certainly be glad when they're finished - they're extremely wordy. Our ArcGIS exercises seem easier for me to understand and I enjoy them better overall.

Until Next Class!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Class 2

After completing all the assignments in chapter 4 I felt it necessary to add my first picture to my blog. This is a little photo of some spatial data we used during the chapter dealing with Earhart's disappearance over the Pacific. I really like this picture because not only does it show the numerous small islands around the flight path but it also shows the depth of the ocean surrounding these islands.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

This be my first POST!

Well....considering I've never had my own blog before I'm quite excited about it. After attending my first class in GIS-111 I left feeling quite enthusiastic. I've always been very interested in maps throughout my life and this class seems perfect for me. Growing up and still now I like to hike around in the neighboring mountains that surround us, so I definitely see how this could add to my fun outside of class. On the other hand it's becoming increasingly obvious to me that so many things are connected throughout our daily lives that involve GIS. From the mail I receive to the things I like to buy, they all seem to be intertwined with this new technology. My parents own a GPS system for their truck which they use religiously while traveling and I myself am always using Google maps and Google earth as tools to get around. Finally from the computer standpoint I'm always down to learn new software. While I have had some CAD experience this is something that I'm not very familiar with so I'm quite eager to get started.

Adios for now and see you in class!